Local Development

local development

We believe that everybody wants to live in a vibrant community that provides good opportunities for social and recreational activities, education, employment and services. We also believe that local people, groups and organisations have a role to play in creating this.

Our Local Development programme builds the capacity of local groups, individuals, ourselves and others to work together on issues that are of concern in our communities.

We want to encourage people and groups to contribute their ideas and skills to address the complicated issues they face in their communities.

Our local development work supports the neighbourhoods that we know are most affected by unemployment, that do not have the services they need or that suffer from social isolation.

We seek to address challenges identified by individuals, community groups and service providers in the area.
Some examples of the challenges we have worked to address in the past include:
  • Low quality public space, housing estates, shopping centres and industrial estates in some neighbourhoods
  • Creating safer communities so people feel safe in their homes, within their neighbourhoods and on public transport
  • The impact of limited access to transport and places of education and work
  • Assisting community groups in dealing with challenges they face as organisations
We believe that to create vibrant, strong communities we need to find out:
  1. What are the issues that concern people most?
  2. How we can help people and communities to address these issues?
  3. What is already working well in the area?
  4. What ideas do people have to improve their neighbourhood?
  5. What can we do to assist people in improving their area?
We do this by:
  • Gathering, studying and providing information and data about the area. For example, we can understand a lot about our area by looking at the Census.
  • Working with and talking to communities, our partner organisations and the people using our services.
  • Carrying out small research projects and evaluating the impact that they have.
  • Responding to and seeking new development opportunities to work together with statutory bodies, universities and colleges, social partners, the community, and public representatives.
  • Community Engagement Work to identify and address problems identified by local groups, people and other organisations with a focus on areas that we know are most affected by social exclusion.
  • We carry out Research and Evaluation and gather information about the area. This work helps us in our planning of programmes and activities and also measures their impact. We also offer assistance in this field to community-based groups.
  • The Young Community Leaders Programme is a leadership training programme for young people aged between 16 and 25. It encourages young people to become the future leaders of their communities in the Northside Partnership area.
  • The Northside Community Forum brings together over 50 community-based organisations. The Forum organises frequent meetings where information and learning is shared. The meetings are a space for discussion on issues affecting community-based organisations and people in local communities. The Northside Community Forum elects Community Directors to the Board of the Northside Partnership. Northside Partnership provides the secretarial support for the Forum members and its Steering Committee.
  • We continue developing a Healthy Community Agenda for a pilot area in collaboration with community organisations, the Health Service Executive and Dublin City Council.