Jobs Club

jobs club

Jobs Club is part of our Local Employment Service. It offers a two-week programme which helps people who are looking for work with their:

  • Motivation
  • CV preparation
  • Interview techniques
  • Communication skills
Participants in the Jobs Club receive advice on the following topics during their two-week programme:
  • CV preparation
  • Sourcing jobs using the internet or through networking
  • Preparing an elevator pitch
  • Self awareness and coaching
  • Competency based interview techniques
  • Identifying skills and strengths
  • Using mindfulness as a tool to deal with setbacks, rejection and isolation
  • Moving from avoidance to solution oriented thinking
  • Using body language to create a good first impression

Other supports provided to participants include:

  • Access to computers for CV preparation and making job applications
  • Mock interviews
  • Motivational talks from guest speakers
  • Opportunities to network with fellow job seekers
Jobs Club also organises regular speed networking events where Jobs Club members can practice their newly learned networking and communication skills with local employers who have real jobs on offer.

You can use the service if you are:

  • 18 years or older
  • Unemployed
  • Looking for work
  • Live in an area where we work

Our team are here to help. This includes Jackie Rynn, Jobs Club Coordinator; Ger Nolan, Jobs Club Facilitator; Majella Rickard, Jobs Club Facilitator.

To join the Jobs Club, you can:

Clients of our Local Employment Service and the Department of Social Protection are also referred directly to the Jobs Club.