Social Enterprise


Social enterprises are a business with a difference. They produce a good or service like any business but they put people and community first, ahead of private or personal gain.

They are set up to tackle social, economic or environmental issues such as unemployment. Any profits are reinvested to continue to address the company’s social goals.

Northside Partnership believes social enterprise has huge potential to help local people and communities. In particular, we believe social enterprise can be a powerful tool to tackle unemployment and social exclusion.

The Partnership has a long tradition of supporting social enterprise. In fact, in 1995 we worked with the local business community and state bodies to set up the social enterprise Speedpak.

At the time, unemployment in the area was very high. Our idea was that Speedpak would be a commercial company which would provide valuable training and work experience to help long-term unemployed people get back to work.

Today, Speedpak continues to play a valuable role in supporting long-term unemployed people in our area. In 2013, 57 people availed of work experience and training with the company.