Education gives people better chances of getting work, taking part in their communities and leading active and independent lives.

We know that in large parts of the areas where we work, educational achievement levels are below the national average. We work together with education providers, parents, students and communities to improve this.

We want to create a good environment for learning in the communities where we work and to encourage people to think positively about education. To do this we work to answer and take action on three simple questions:

  • What stops some people from moving forward with their education or training?
  • How can we make it easier for people to take part in education or training?
  • How can we help people to achieve positive outcomes from education or training?

Each year we provide information, advice and supports to help our clients access educational opportunities that include:

  • Information and advice on educational opportunities and career progression.
  • Support to access education and training – both accredited and non-accredited.
  • Opportunities to take part in life-long learning and education courses.

Please explore the programmes and services described below, to see how we can help you: