About Us

The Northside Partnership is a local company working with local people, representatives from communities, the state, employers, trade unions and elected representatives.

We work to improve the opportunities for people and communities in north east Dublin to bring about positive changes in their own lives and in their community.

We offer a range of programmes and services to support individuals, local organisations, groups and communities in the areas where we work. To see the areas that we prioritise in Dublin 3, 5, 13 and 17, please click here.

We support all people and groups in our community including people looking for work, students, people starting their own business, children and families, young people, older people, parents and guardians, and childcare providers.

Our work is funded by the Irish Government, charitable organisations and private sources.

Our Vision

Our vision is to contribute to the building of a more equitable society in which individuals have opportunities to express their skills, talents and abilities through social, cultural and economic

Our Mission

Working in partnership with individuals, communities, the state and private sector, our mission is to research, design, develop and implement innovative and high quality programmes to drive positive change.

Our Values

We provide integrated supports that are guided by the following values:

  • We lead by example in promoting a culture of dignity and respect with a generosity of spirit
  • Working in partnership, we deliver and advocate for quality services
  • We are accountable to the individuals and communities we serve and our funders

Practice Principles

In reviewing our values, we have developed a comprehensive set of practice principles that guide and inform our work and help us in living our values

Advantaged Thinking

We believe that all individuals have abilities in the form of talents, gifts and strengths; and that by identifying and investing in them we can promote personal growth and development and lever their potential for individual and societal good. We commit to making a positive investment in people to develop their strengths and assets and to invest in creating opportunities in the areas of personal development, lifelong learning, employment, health and wellbeing, family and community. Read more here.


We believe that community, both in terms of place and interest, is a natural forum for human development. We value strong communities that support and nurture human development. We believe that community is a key component of civil society and has a central role in a healthy democracy.

Equality & Equity

We believe in a just and equitable society where each individual has the opportunity to reach their full potential. We believe that all individuals have rights and responsibilities

Empowerment and Wellbeing

We believe that empowerment of both individuals and communities is key to building a just and equitable society. We recognise the importance of both individual and community wellbeing as a key component of quality of life.

Education (Education First)

We believe that education and lifelong learning are critical to one’s life chances and opportunities. We believe that families and communities play a key role in the education and nurturing of individuals in their development. We believe that everyone has something positive that they can contribute to society and the learning environment


We believe that diversity, in all its forms, makes a significant contribution to Irish society and the communities with whom we work.

Participation and Engagement

We believe that employment or participation in meaningful activity is necessary for wellbeing and for an individual to reach their full potential and contribute to society.

Ethics and Accountability

We acknowledge our responsibility to be effective in our work and to be accountable to the individuals and communities with whom we work and wider society.


We believe that honest, effective communication is critical to our work and in understanding key issues affecting local communities. We believe that individuals and communities need accurate and relevant information to make good decisions

Collaboration & Partnership

We believe that by working in partnership we can maximise the benefits to the individuals, families and communities with whom we work. We believe that co-ordination of service delivery at local level is critical to bring about improved life chances for individuals, families and communities.

Environment and Sustainability

We believe that the environmental resources essential to the well-being and future of those we serve are scarce, valuable and under significant stress. We believe that we have a responsibility to promote the conservation of those resources in all our activities and to maximise the capacity and resilience of the communities with whom we work. We believe that solutions to the challenges faced in our communities must be sustainable from both a human and natural resource perspective.