Empowering Communities

The Empowering Communities Programme (ECP) aims to empower local communities to craft their own response to social exclusion and the resulting consequences.  Northside Partnership Empowering Communities team works with the Darndale Community with a focus on Priorswood C.

Sustainable, Inclusive and Empowered Communities 2019-2024

This programme focuses on capacity building and uses a collaborative approach consistent with the government’s 5-year strategy to support the community and voluntary sector, ‘Sustainable, Inclusive and Empowered Communities 2019-2024′.

The intention is to enhance vibrant, sustainable, inclusive, empowered and self-determining communities that grows the social, cultural and economic well-being of all. Working with stakeholders our aim is to build on this vision.

Our Empowering Communities team at Northside Partnership will engage with the community to identify community led activities to bring the community together in a positive way.


Programme goals are:

  • Community engagement, promoting community voice and inclusiveness
  • Collective empowerment – working with the Darndale community to drive change themselves
  • Collective action – working with statutory and community stakeholders

Sustainability is essential to the success of this project.


Community Health project

This project sits within the Empowering Communities team.

Funded through the HSE, the ambition for this project is to build a team of Community Employment workers who can go into the community and apply a well-coordinated community peer-led approach in responding to the health and well-being needs of people living in Darndale by:

  • Capacity building by supporting local people who have an interest in health issues to become a resource and asset within their local community.
  • Developing capacity in the local community to reach out to individuals and families most at risk from health inequalities.
  • Promoting participation in the community in activities which improve the health and wellbeing of the local community and supporting them to access services which address their health needs
  • Promotion of primary healthcare interventions such as access to vaccinations, access to screening services and prevention programmes.

Empowering Communities is funded by the Department of Rural and Community Development and the HSE (as part of the Sláintecare Healthy Communities programme)



14 communities have been granted this support from government.

Empowering Communities Team                   


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