Standards in Governance and Financial Management

Under Northside Partnership’s Strategy Statement, Where Opportunity Meets Community 2019 – 2023, Northside Partnership set out to be exemplars in good governance and committed to completing the Charities Regulator Governance Code in 2020. The code outlines a set of standards which a Charity should achieve to ensure effective management and control of the organisation. The Northside Partnership Board confirms that Northside Partnership is compliant with the Governance Code having completed the Governance Code Compliance Record and approved the record at its November 2020 Board meeting. The record will be updated and reviewed annually to evidence compliance with the code.

Northside Partnership’s strategy statement also set an ambition that in promoting excellence in the Governance and the Administration of public funding Northside Partnership would commit itself to achieving the Charities Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) in reporting on its year end financial statements. The Charities SORP requires a far greater level of information and disclosures in and organisation’s financial statements in order to provide transparency and accountability. Following Board approval of the 2019 financial statements Northside Partnership can confirm that it has fully adopted the SORP standards and will do so going forward.

Combined with the Excellence Ireland Quality Award (Q-Mark), which Northside Partnership attained in 2018, these achievements demonstrate our commitment to quality assurance, transparency and excellence in the governance and management of public funds.