Life Long Learning Hubs

The Educational Disadvantage Centre, DCU and Northside Partnership, in conjuction with the newly established Darndale-Kilbarrack-Coolock Education Taskforce Group are proud to announce the establishment of Community Outreach Life Long Learning Hubs in Darndale and Kilbarrack to promote teaching as a career.

The hubs will provide:
– informal education, non-formal and formal education sessions
– mentoring and information on teaching as a career
– supports for the Irish language

The centres will be open for two afternoons and evenings on the same days each week, as an initial step towards establishing these sites as community lifelong learning centres. The first centre will be established in Darndale with plans for a centre in Kilbarrack to open in early 2018.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call Paul Hayes at the Northside Partnership (01-848-5630) to find out further information.