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Invitation to join a panel of mentors for local, voluntary community-based organisations


The Northside Partnership catchment area is a vibrant community that provides excellent opportunities for social and recreational activities, education, employment and services. Local groups have been instrumental to creating this community.

These organisations have always faced complex challenges, not least due to the unemployment, lack of services or social isolation experienced by the neighbourhoods in which they are active. In recent years new challenges have arisen for the entire voluntary sector. Organisations are under increased pressure to improve their standards in corporate governance. Funders often require evidence that organisations are progressing towards full compliance with the Governance Code, a voluntary code of good practice for boards, committees and executives of not-for-profit groups.

Of course organisations broadly welcome the spirit of transparency and practices of good governance that these developments have brought. Full compliance however involves a great deal of expertise.

This expertise is not always available amongst the current staff or board members of local community groups. The support of professional specialists in the below relating to organisational governance and development are therefore required.

Expertise Required

  • General corporate governance
  • Human Resources
  • Financial Management
  • Revenue Generation (diversifying revenue streams, sustainability)
  • Leveraging government department funding
  • Competitive tendering
  • Risk Management
  • GDPR
  • Good practice advice and mentoring
  • Secondary consultation on HR matters
  • Social enterprise
  • Strategy development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Coaching
  • Planning (succession planning, strategic, operational and business planning

The Role

    • As a mentor, Northside Partnership would engage your expertise for a defined period of time or number of sessions.
    • During these sessions, the mentor would work directly with the manager and/or board of management and/or staff of a not-for-profit organisation, based in the Northside Partnership catchment area, on a defined work package.


Examples of defined work packages could include:

  • supporting the organisation in the development of a HR Policy and Staff Handbook and putting in place a plan for implementation of this policy;
  • mentoring an organisation in the system of competitively tendering for work, where in the past contracts for the same work had been granted to the organisation directly;
  • facilitating a board of management in a planning process (succession planning, strategic or tactical planning, generating business plans)
  • As voluntary boards of management sometimes meet during the evening, some of this work may be required to be undertaken outside of office hours.
  • Mentors selected from our panel would work as a contractor to the Northside Partnership and will adhere to all contractual obligations through a contractor’s agreement.

Invitation to join panel of mentors

Experienced and empathetic professionals interested in joining our panel of mentors to potentially work with local, voluntary organisations are invited to submit the following, via email to by 10:00am on Monday the 8th of October.

  • Expression of interest, outlining your area(s) of specialisation
  • CV
  • Company Registration number
  • Tax Clearance Access Number
  • Tax Reference Number or PPS Number

Please note that, depending on the environment in which work with local groups takes place, mentors may be required to undergo Garda Vetting through Northside Partnership.

Any queries can be directed to Róisín Liston via phone on 01 – 8320995, or email to