Protected Disclosure Form

In line with the Protective Disclosures legislation, Northside Partnership has established several protective disclosure channels for its staff and other relevant individuals. Disclosures can be made in writing and addressed to any of the organisation’s Designated Protective Disclosure Officers (DPDO) or through this online portal.

This channel has been created to offer a safe and secure environment for reporting any concerns or wrongdoing without the fear of retaliation. The organisation has implemented a protective disclosure mechanism to promote transparency, accountability, and ethical behaviour in its operations. This ensures that individuals with important information about potential misconduct, fraud, or other irregularities feel confident and protected when coming forward.

The Protective Disclosure Act is a legal framework that reinforces Northside Partnership’s commitment to fostering a culture of integrity. It provides a clear pathway for reporting and addressing sensitive issues while prioritising the safety and confidentiality of those involved. In line with Northside Partnership’s Advantage Thinking philosophy, the organisation demonstrates its dedication to empowering its staff, upholding ethical standards, maintaining trust, and promoting a workplace culture that values openness and responsibility.

It should be noted that this reporting channel is specifically for the purposes of a Protected Disclosure. Therefore, please review the attached policy before making your disclosure.